MGS: Stainless steel Eco-friendly Faucets for the Kitchen, Bath and Outdoor
Imagine letting your love of luxury and fine Italian design shine through in every detail of your life. With MGS stainless steel fixtures, you will never have to compromise. Since 1997, MGS has been producing stainless steel taps to unmatched and ever-improving standards of quality and artistry, earning the accolades of industry experts and designers alike.
Kitchen Collection


A contemporary kitchen should be sleek, minimalist, with clean lines and it should have a European flair to its design. Our stainless steel kitchen mixers merge top Italian design and top craftsmanship flawlessly, providing ultra-smooth operation and peak performance along with stately and enduring elegance.

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Bathroom Collection

Choosing your bathroom accessories from our ever-increasing line of contemporary stainless steel taps allows you to find that perfect balancing point where design meets desire. From sinks to bath fixtures, thermostatic shower mixers to upscale accessories, your bathroom décor will be the ultimate in modern Italian elegance.

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The timeless appeal of your home and your style shows most in quality accents. Our lead free stainless steel faucets in your kitchen and bathrooms are the perfect final touches to your décor. Not only are our faucets lovely examples of minimalist design, but they are also the height of durability, resisting chips and scratches and aging gracefully.

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