Why Stainless Steel?
Stainless Steel Timeless Pieces
In 1997 MGS decided to produce high quality faucets to reach those consumers willing to express their taste amongst the highest level products available on the market. To achieve superior results and exclusive products realised that it was necessary to make a fundamental change from chromed brass, traditionally used in this industry; the standard was set to Stainless Steel.
In spite of severe machining difficulties and high costs of this noble metal, MGS persevered with the effort for producing exceptional if not unique faucets to be placed amongst the most prestigiuos ones avaliable. Finally, in year 2001 the company started production of model UNICO generating respect from the high and market players who generally compared our product to a Rolls Royce of the automotive world.
Finest machining processes are implemented to each part for ensuring ultra-smooth operation and unrivalled reliabilty. The final touch is given by expert polishers who hand finish each single part to an impeccable shine.
The product range is being extended with new models for the kitchen and bathroom year after year.
In particular the thermostatic shower mixers and bathroom accessories co-ordinated to the collection confirmed the strong brand identity the company has focused on. A contribution to making faucets a desire for the most exclusive homes in the world.