MGS Projects - L.S. HOUSE

L.S. HOUSE — Tel Aviv — Israel

The 250 square meters penthouse overlooking the Negev desert was inspired by the tenant’s strong wish to hold on to the desert location context. The leading concept here was the way desert temperatures change throughout the day, from cold to hot to cold again. It’s a modern home which creates a connection between materials emanating warmness, softness and elegance on the one hand, and colder materials offering the sense of dark blue skies on silent desert nights, on the other.

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MGS Projects

villAma — Turku — Finland

villAma is an elegant detached house built in concrete, with minimalist design, located by the sea in Turku’s archipelago. The distinctive, unadorned architecture of the house provides a natural coupling to the jagged coastal environment. The minimalist design statement was a desire from the family right from the start.

The lower floor contains the entrance, utility area and parking space. The second floor contains the bedroom, washing area and sauna. The upper floor’s open floor plan contains the kitchen, dining room and living room.

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